Eberron: Twilight of the Last War


The Beginning of a Weave...

Episode 01: Introductions – Blacksheep Gathering

Hi-lights: Places

* Karrnath (country), Korth, (capital city):
Cannith East (house enclave): Brimstone Forge (arcane foundry); Dragonbreath Vault (secret research facility)
– Phiarlan: Demesnes of Motion (training academy)
The Twelve: Ziggurat of the Twelve (inter-house university)
Bone Boar Brewhouse (middle-class tavern, small inn and brewery)

Hi-lights: People

* House Cannith: Bigubu Beaze d’Cannith (PC), Sammeth Beatee d’Cannith
* House Phiarlan: Oscolo the Monkey (PC), Dracos Jovahr d’Phiarlan
* Bone Boar Brewhouse: Farin Rvok-Feyonai and Bron Rvok (owners)
Talon and Hal Davenport (companion characters)
* The Twelve: Professor Matilda Maroe d’Cannith (potential patron)

Date: Sar, 15th of Therendor (Early-spring), Festival of the Sun

Enter: Bigubu Beaze d’Cannith

  • visit from uncle Sammeth Beatee d’Cannith
  • news of an interesting artifact
  • a trip to the Bone Boar Brewhouse
  • dice with Hal Davenport and seeing the artifact
    • artifact-shard: made of a strange material, has symbols that relate to a partial schema used in a secret weapon development lab in the Dragonbreath Vault
    • convinces Hal that the artifact may have worth, but first needs to be professionally analyzed
  • visit Professor Matilda Maroe (great-great grandmother) at the Ziggurat of the Twelve
    • leave the artifact with the Prof for analysis
    • Bigubu browbeats Hal into leaving it there

Enter: Oscolo d’Phiarlan, the Monkey

  • come upon the bully Dracos Jovahr d’Phiarlan (several conflicts at the school)
    • use psionic powers to defend a halfling busker Dracos is picking on with his goons
      • Mindspikes him when he hits the halfling
  • Dracos leaves with a bloody nose and an oath to report him to the academy’s elders
  • make friends with Talon,
    • he leads Oscolo to a tavern with a promise of food and drink for thanks
  • accept a Talenta Boon from the Rvok brothers for protecting Talon
    • Bron Rvok dwarven bartender
    • Farin Rvok-Feyonai halfling brewer
  • the boon provides free room and board as well as a feast
    • meet the rotund halfling head chef, Muleen
      • takes a keen liking to Oscolo
    • meet the massive orc pastry chef, Grom Blackfist
      • from the Shadow Marches, he mixes exotic tastes into Karrnathi pastries and pies
  • teach Talon the finer arts of Motion (handstands and the like)
  • present brews as only an d’Phiarlan can (acrobatic performance)
  • partake in the festivities of the Festival of the Sun
    • Farin, the brewer, opens up several kegs and shares them with the crowd
  • wake up a little worse for wear
    • the room given to Oscolo is filled with people passed out
      • Talon has landed himself a couple halfling hotties
  • Oscolo and Bigubu are the first to wake, and make acquaintances over a delicious breakfast
    • Hal comes down from his room, with a big grin (thanks to the head human waitress)
    • Oscolo hears they’re off to the Twelve, never have been to Ziggurat he asks to tag along
    • Bigubu, knowing he has things to do first (Vault) and doesn’t want Hal off on his own (lack of trust) till the artifact shard has been analyzed, asks Oscolo (assumes he’s a house member) if he’ll accompany Hal to Wollvern Park off back to the Twelve to check in with the Prof



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