Eberron: Twilight of the Last War

On the Road

Out of Korth and Beyond...

Episode 02: On the Road – to Q’barra and Back

Hi-lights: Places

* Karrnath: Korth
Bone Boar Brewhouse
The Twelve: Ziggurat of the Twelve
Cannith East: Graystone Keep (Cannith East main enclave compound), Brimstone Forge (arcane foundry), Dragonbreath Vault (secret underground research facility)
– Phiarlan: Carnival of Shadows: Dancing Dreams Wayhouse (stop-over, apartments)
– Valdalis: Three Crescent Stables (Vadalis enclave)

Hi-lights: People

* The Twelve: Professor Matilda Maroe d’Cannith; Quinneth
* Carnival of Shadows: Shadow Seer (Oscolo’s mother)
* Ragpile (beggar)
* unusual stranger (apparent military spy)
* Ruby Fang (unknown organization with criminal ties)

Hi-lights: Events

* MAJOR QUEST: Locate Prof. Wyr

Date: 16-17 Therendor (Early-spring)

#1. Scene: A Tour of the Ziggurat of the Twelve

  • breakfast done Oscolo and Hal head off to the Twelve
  • Bigubu makes a short stop at “the library” to sign-in for the day
  • few people on the street after the festivities (still a noticeable military presence)
  • the three meet at Wollvern Park where Bigubu has prepared an air gondola for the trip up to the Ziggurat
    • the driver (old and squat, looking to have some fey-blood/a retired magewright) takes the trio for a spin around the floating academy
  • inside, a guide takes them for a private tour of the The Twelve’s public face
  • into the Department of Archaeology and Artifact Requisition
    • meet up with Professor Maroe-ma to talk about the artifact-shard
      • see Content Not Found: arc001
    • the good: no one died handling the artifact; research has revealed that the language is not Draconic and Prof. Monroe believes it pre-dates this early language
    • the bad: the graduate tasked with making a replica (etching) of said artifact sunk into a state of befuddlement, babbling incoherently (Jorasco healers have been brought in to deal with him) and failed to make the replica
    • the worse: research into the artifact is still ongoing, the expert in this field of ancient study is currently off-campus (i.e. Q’barra)
    • the task: locate and return with the expert; given a sealed missive to deliver to Professor Duorum Wyr
      • see above for quest link
  • Oscolo takes interest in the Phiarlan Tower, chats up the dancer/receptionist
    • finds out his grandfather is pitied/feared by the house
    • his father was a well-known illusionist
    • his paternal grandfather holds a high-level position in the house
    • his paternal uncle works at the Twelve, currently he is away in the Lhazaar Principalities
    • DM/Player: give some back story here

In Between:

  • Bigubu arranges leave from the Vault directly from the Vault’s Head of Operations
    • Prof. Maroe has pre-arranged the leave without problem
  • Oscolo and Hal return to the Boar and run into a dirty beggar
    • “My Masters, They seek for you, child. Taste of the earth and They will find you.”
    • the ragpile offers Oscolo a worm to eat in return for a few coppers, which Oscolo does
  • Oscolo visits the Carnival of Shadows wayhouse and talks with his mother and words of divination are uttered:
    • The Worms of the earth are down Below / Seek not They or They will find
    • The dust will burn and the lightning dry / In mountains old stones once again cry
    • The Shadows move again / Do they weave around you?
    • Will I ever see the light again (different, quiet voice)
    • Beware the Lords of Over
  • Oscolo leaves a message for his aunt about his leave-taking
  • Bigubu and Oscolo collect horses for the journey from the Valdalis stables (on loan from the Twelve)
    • a young black stallion almost warhorse (Bigubu), a piebald mare (Oscolo), a tan matronly mare (Hal)
  • a feast is prepared for the journey at the Boar
  • suspicious interactions are noticed in the evening
    • assumed military man keeping a watch on the brewhouse
    • Bigubu conversation with Quinneth, a member of the Twelve
    • Oscolo is left with a coded message (left as a coaster) bearing a mark of a table with serpentine legs and a dark lantern
    • Hal gets in some trouble outside
      • using his quick wit and sharp tongue, Bigubu threatens the gang of thugs calling themselves the Ruby Fang and they back off
  • a package arrives from the Twelve via a young messenger
    • a minor picaptura has been made of the artifact providing a illusionary 3-D representation of its like upon a foil of bluish metal (electrum) and sealed in a voiding case, a scrolltube that dampens magical flows in or out of the compartment

Date: 18 Therendor

#2. Scene: Out of Korth

  • Oscolo wakes from a intense nightmare, his bed a battleground and the scent of lush soil permeating the air of the room
  • Oscolo is presented with a Talenta tribal boon from
    • a necklace made of feather and lizard leather made in a specific style the identifies the wearer as a friend of the tribe

#3. Scene: On the Road

  • second run in with the Ruby Fangs, when the party stops for the night at a roadside campsite
  • defeated by Oscolo’s swordplay and Bigubu’s GSC prototype cannoning
  • the leader escapes into the night (or up a tree…)



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