Eberron: Twilight of the Last War

Stormy Weather Gone Weird

Don't go chasing clouds...

Episode 03: Stormy Weather Gone Bad

Hi-lights: Places

* Karrnath:
Wayward Inn (road-side inn/farmstead, hard days ride from south of Korth)
Karnod (small thorp, nestled in the The Nightwoods, 1/2 day walk south of Korth)
Vurgenslye (old hamlet, farmers and fishermen, border of Scion Sound, 1.5 days ride south Korth)
Cyrus (new village, 4 months old, Cyre refugees)
Fort Barrow (keep/fort – in construction, for new road/area patrols)

Hi-lights: People

* Karrnath Military: Officer Samuel Sheen
* Black Hats, or the Brudavol
* Old Man Woody
* the caravan

Hi-lights: Events

* MAJOR QUEST: Locate Prof. Wyr

Date: 19 Therendor (Early-spring)

#1. Scene: Wayward Inn

  • fort-like, square, days ride from Korth
  • wake up the night watchman – get rooms (5 sp, common room, double cot) and stable the horses and riding drake (2 sp ea)
  • morning smells of pheasant stew, rockberries (Mror tuber/root) and fresh scones
    • Hal gets into the ale early
    • Oscolo cashes in on the free breakfast
  • watchman’s son, Alwinder, enjoys feeding Gimp (Talon’s riding drake) live chickens
  • the inn guest’s include a military group, a few farmers and an Orien messenger
  • Bigubu Beaze d’Cannith teases Hal Davenport about his Ruby Fang mark, trying to convince him he’ll turn into a zombie
  • Oscolo the Monkey and Bigubu chat with officer of Karrnath Military, Officer Samuel Sheen
    • seems to be more administrative than combative
    • travelling from Fort Bones to Korth
    • travels with 2 veteran soldiers/bodyguards
  • warns the travelers that the roads have become more dangerous the last few seasons due to:
    • reduced military patrols; due to: Valenar incursions, Mournland border patrols, anti-terrorism, decommission of undead military assests
      • several old forts and stations are being recommissioned for new road/territory patrols (e.g. Fort Barrow)
    • increased banditry (caused from Last War ending?)
    • Valenar scouting parties (Valenar seem only attack groups that pose a threat)
    • weirdness coming out of the Woods (includes: The Nightwood, Rekkenwood, Shadowmount Forest, Karrnwood, Icewood); some possibly due to the rise of Fey activity since the ending of the Last War

Between: On the Road

  • leave the inn to continue onwards
  • few travelers on the road and those travel in groups/with protection
  • meet a group of strange farmers (like modern Mennonites)
    • dressed in deep black and stark white, somber, sharply cut dress; men: suits with long coats and bowl hats with peaked, raised brim; women: full skirt dresses with vests and bonnets, wear their hair with back ribbons and braids
    • women and men segregated; women not allowed to associate with strangers/men; only the elder of the group spoke with the PCs
    • travelling to Korth to sell vegetables
    • Bigubu offers a gold piece for a selection of veggies in an attempt to procure info, but Oscolo starts flirting with the girls and the group leave

Date: 20 Therendor

#2. Scene: On the Road

  • pass the outskirts of the small hamlet of Vurgenslye
    • most of the farmsteads in these areas are abandoned with the exception of the surviving hamlet off the main road
    • regional architecture: long house – blocky, logwork, wide and sweeping, carved with totems, animals and symbols, turf or shake roofs; stone manors – granite, big blocks, militaristic, many narrow windows, turrets and balconies, walled, multiple outer buildings, clay tile or stone block roofs
  • several hours ride past Vurgenslye, new buildings and repopulated farm land – focuses on the new village of Cyrus
    • more travelers on the road (local farmers); dress differently – common, uniform-like clothes; Cyre refugees
    • regional arcitecture: new houses – box-like, non-descript, wooden frame and pannels, wooden slake or clay tile roofs; some seem temporary
    • center of the new village: new townhall/old hostelry (architecture: see long house description above)
    • protected by a garrison from Ft. Barrow
  • hours ride from Cyrus on a round hill near The Nightwood rests the recommissioned Fort Barrow
    • hasn’t been used since before the Last War started
    • Fort/Keep is in major disrepair: masons (humans, dwarves and minotaurs) have been hired to repair it
    • built atop a barrow mound (pre-Galifarian nobles/chieftains) and before that an ancient tomb (Dhakaani goblinoids)
    • new command center for roadway patrols along the Scion Sound/Mounland
  • run into an elderly halfling calling himself Old Man Woody
    • invites the PCs to share his campsite
    • seems to be a forester
    • for a warm meal (that Hal makes with Talons help) he trades several stories:
      • tell a tale about the nighthags of The Nightwood
      • briefly speaks about the Black Hats, also called the The Brudavol, worshipers of The Blood of Vol living around the hamlet of Vurgenslye
        • explains about bloodroot a special herb that is used in necromantic and restorative rituals and apparently is an strong attractor/aphrodisiac for vampires, and other blood-feeders when consumed; Hal doesn’t think he added it to the stew
      • tells a short tale about vampires from his younger days – basically they’re prissies
      • warns about The Nightwood and the beasts within – a group of rangers were hunting something big a few weeks back
    • he is carrying seasoned hardwood harvested from a number of rare trees found in the Nightwood
      • works with Clive Hewer in the thorp of Karnod outside the city of Korth, who turns the hardwood into highly sought after furniture and artwork
        • Karnod (thorp, unvisited by PCs, Woody trades there, half-day travel south from Korth)
  • in the evening Oscolo falls asleep on his watch and slips into a nightmare world that has troubles waking from
    • his friends appear to be figures made entirely of worms
    • the world is foggy and muted, barely any color
    • the smells are stronger and more aromatic/rancid
    • there is no wind
    • Oscolo wakes himself by hitting himself in his head

Date: 21-22 Therendor

#3. Scene: Roadside Strormfront

  • night 21: notice a storm brewing in the distance, the direction of the Mournlands
    • lightnings of multiple colors
  • morn 22: notice a strange “cloud” form moving steadily from the west to the east; seems to be following the road
    • follow the cloud from a distance
  • noon 22: cloud splits, half continues to follow the road, the other heads towards the Nightwood, follow the road bound one
    • notice a small tendril of smoke in the distance, gallop towards it
    • find a caravan in a pressed retreat, fleeing from the cloud-thing and a host of ash-animates/zombies
    • rescue the caravan and travelers
    • Bigubu takes 2 samples of the magical abberration, which he determines to be a living static shock spell



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