Eberron: Twilight of the Last War

Caravan and Rescues

Ever wonder what might happen when an innocent tribal halfling goes whoring with a treasure-hunting gambler in the streets of Old Karrlakton... then read on...

Episode 04: Caravans and Rescues

Hi-lights: Places

* Karrnath, Karrlakton (large city):
Elvenhome Company Hub (office, inn, stables and warehouse; company members only)
– Sentinel Citadel
– Greyskies, tavern

Hi-lights: People

* Trenton Weather

Hi-lights: Events

* MAJOR QUEST: Locate Prof. Wyr (ongoing)
* Minor Quest: Rescue the Elvenhome Caravan (completed)
* Minor Quest: Protect the Colonists (completed)

Hi-lights: Rewards

* Minor Quest: Rescue the Elvenhome Caravan:
– 50GP/member once the caravan is guided to the outskirts of Karrlakton
Oscolo the Monkey received a suit of ironleaf scalemail +1 (feels like leather, LV 3, no speed penalty, +2 stealth in wilderness setting)
Bigubu Beaze d’Cannith received an efficiency spellbook (LV3, reduced component cost of rituals by 5GP/level of spell, looks to hold 100 pages when closed, but when open actually holds 500 pages) and 3 ritual scrolls: comprehend languages (LV1), floating disk (LV1), endure elements (LV2)
Hal Davenport was compensated with 1 barrel of Karrnathi “Blackblood” sausages and several wheels of Karrn cheese
Talon did not seem to get an award but Trenton spoke to him in the Talenta dialect and there seemed to be some type of ritual to honor him

Date: 22 Therendor (Early-spring)

#1. Scene: Elvenhome Caravan

  • rewarded by Trenton Weather the caravan master for saving his caravan and men
    • middle-aged half-elf, merchant/trader specializing in long hauls over the Talenta Plains
    • works for the Elvenhome Trading Company
      • Elvenhome is the 3rd oldest half-elf family in Khorvaire, they are rich/political, economy based, and even have members of nobility in the higher echelons of their ranks, they are also connected to House Orion, House Vadalis and House Lyrandar
  • caravan operates with 2 large wargons
    • wagons pulled by Vadalis Wagoneers (huge, mage-bred fey draft horses)
      • one lost during battle (cost ~10,000 GP)
  • caravan protection crew includes:
    • 4 caravan guard, foot; human
    • 2 caravan guard, horse; human
    • employed from Road Brothers Guild (connected to House Orion and House Dennith)
      • 1 foot and 1 horse lost in the battle
  • guards names:
    • Switch (horse), Brownbag (foot), Burgis (foot) and Wheels (foot)
    • Bigubu saved Wheels at the end of the battle by applying his only healing potion
  • caravan carrying Karrnathi goods to the Talenta Plains and Q’barra
    • goods include:
      • bundles and crates – leather products (armor, harness, etc)
      • iron-bound chests – paper products (spellbooks, scrolls, books)
      • barrels – sausages, crates – glass products (artistic, functional)
      • burlap & cloth bundles – cheese wheels (variety)
    • caravan only 60% full, picking up goods at Karrlakton and other towns along the way
  • caravan being used to transport/protect colonists
    • colonists originate from Karrnath
    • mostly farmers and country folk
    • fleeing the horrors of the Last War; most lost family and friends
    • traveling to Q’barra and the areas around Newthrone
    • 11 people; 5 families (4 man/woman partners, 1 single woman) + 2 children (1 boy, 1 girl)
      • colonist details:
        • Kuthor, Damian (M, leader, breeder), Emone (F, gardener) and Thom (M, boy, 12 yo, plays flute)
        • Karrdurh, Suyain (F, semstress), Sylvee (F, girl, elf-blood, 9yo, dancer)
          • Guron, husband, died in living spell attack, wagoneer, elf-blood
        • Greenbough, Gavin (M, rancher), Uvain (F, herbalist/minor witch-warlock, fey pact)
        • other pairs are: 3 farmers, 1 blacksmith
    • people ride (along benches fixed along the wagons edges) and walk

Along the Way:

  • little Sylvee Karrdurh (lost her father) is crying
    • Bigubu offers her the doll he found on the road several days back
    • Oscolo presents the dolly (she recognizes it, its named after her, looks like her too)
      • does a really poor job and scares her with a dolly-voice that would better belong to a demon
  • strange terrain begins almost a days ride from Karrlakton right to the city’s outer edge
    • ripples in the earth, now filled with marsh and water ways
    • doesn’t seem natural (Talon’s Nature check), but now filled with thick ecosystem
    • older than the Orien Highway (bridges set along the entire way)
  • the mist of the Mournland draws closer by the hour – creepy
  • farming communities start up about a half-days ride from the city
  • road traffic picks up steadily
  • first impressions of the city of Karrlakton

Date: 23 Therendor

#2. Scene: Karrlakton

  • Trenton Weather awards “the heroes” 50GP each, as earlier promised on the outskirts of Karrlakton
    • instead offers stocks in his caravan route
      Oscolo decides to take space instead
  • offers party the chance to travel with him
    no pay, can’t afford it
  • go to town fix gun – moded range and loader
  • kel perform, following Trenton – how to trade
  • bought 100 GP of goods, trade roll 21 (said it was 250GP) needed 15 to get profit, 20 double, +25% after (run will take 2 months + 1-4 weeks to sell)
  • Trenton picked up goods in Karlaton – weapons

Date: 24 Therendor

#3. Scene: Greyskies Tavern, Red-lantern District, East-Outer Town, Karrlakton

  • located and rescued Talon and Hal from some thugs in a bar
  • Guild



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