Eberron: Twilight of the Last War

Guiding the Elvenhome Caravan, part 1

Running into the Bleeding Heart Band

Episode 05: Guiding the Elvenhome Caravan, part 1

Hi-lights: Places

* Karrnath, Vedykar (small city):

Hi-lights: People

* Trenton Weather

Hi-lights: Events

* MAJOR QUEST: Locate Prof. Wyr (ongoing)

Hi-lights: Rewards


Date: Therendor (Early-spring)

#1. Scene:

  • interrogating the guards
    • info about the Guild – cross-continent loose organization of thieves and criminals
    • hit on the party’s head 500GP capture
  • leaving Karrlakton
    • Dennith Sentinel – warned about the Ravenwing Gang
    • ex-Karrnath military
    • marines/special ops
    • labelled traitors when they attacked Aundair on the day the peace treaty at Thronehold was signed, caused difficulty for Kaius III during the peace talks
  • Guarding the Caravan (Skill Challenge)
    • day 1, night: Oscolo checks out a farmhouse as a good place to camp, but encounters the Bleeding Heart Band, several goblins escape (one on wolf)
    • day 2, noon: notice goblin wolfriders in the distance, also notice a huge wolf that doesn’t act like a wolf coming out of the ditch
    • day 3, early evening: reach Vedykar
  • in Vedykar
    • Bigubu – makes potions and alchemicals
    • Oscolo – entertains
    • Bigubu – sends living static shock samples (3 consumables) to The Twelve (Prof. Ma) to preform research on

Along the Way:

Date: Therendor

#2. Scene:

Date: Therendor

#3. Scene:



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