Bron Rvok


Dwarf ex-Soldier (Fighter) 6

Occupation: head bartender and part-owner of Bone Boar Brewhouse, ex-Soldier of the Karrnathi military (commander of an elite strike-force during the Last War)
Reputation: Karrnathi Military – highly recognized; Mror Holds – slightly bad-blood, also dwarves look a little down on non-dwarvish brewing; Talenta plains – known to be a positive element in strengthening the Karrnath-Talenta ties
Network: Karrnathi veterans and acting soldiers, contacts with several Karrnathi warlords, Talenta halflings, travelling merchants and businessmen, explorers, some Dwarf Clans from the Mroro Holds
Appearance: broad and bulky, fit with huge muscles, beard is braided and well-kept, intense silver-gray eyes, wears clothes cut in the style of the Talenta plains out of respect to his blood-brother
Behavior: calm, understanding and efficient in the act of bartending, sometimes his soldierly ways (when flustered) come out and he starts barking commands at the staff and customers
Mannerism: when comfortable – shines his pewter mugs specially-made in the Mror Holds for the brewhouse, when angry or worried – takes down his massive greataxe from behind the bar and tends to it (at the bar)
Quirk: he has begun to learn the ways of the Talenta halflings and will often speak their idioms or practice their customs with the customers of the brewhouse, which is sometimes mixes up

History Points:

  • Rvok family originates from Mror Holds but have lost their ancestral holding there
  • long-standing military family for the Karrnathi military
  • blood-brother, Farin, and he were raised together and trained together

Bron Rvok

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