Farin Rvok-Feyonai


Halfling ex-Soldier (Ranger/Scout) 6

Occupation: brewmaster and part-owner of Bone Boar Brewhouse, ex-Soldier of the Karrnathi military (scout for an elite strike-force during the Last War)
Reputation: Karrnathi Military – highly recognized; Mror Holds – slightly bad-blood, also dwarves look a little down on non-dwarvish brewing; Talenta plains – known to be a positive element in strengthening the Karrnath-Talenta ties
Network: Karrnathi veterans and acting soldiers, Talenta halflings, travelling merchants and businessmen, explorers
Appearance: trim and fit, wears his auburn hair in dwarven-style braids and has long braided sideburns and a foo-man-chu
Behavior: outwardly – quiet and gruff, all efficient, inwardly – kind and generous, often giving away free beer and food
Mannerism: runs his brewery like a soldier, any invading force will be physically expelled
Quirk: speaks with a heavy dwarvish accent


  • taken as war-orphan during the Last War when his family and their village was killed by Aundarian forces
  • Rvok family took him in and raised him as a full-fledged son
  • long-standing military family for the Karrnathi military
  • looks up to his blood-brother, Bron

Farin Rvok-Feyonai

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