Professor Matilda Maroe d'Cannith


Human Wizard 5/Expert 10

Occupation: Head Professor of Archaeology and Occultism for The Twelve located in the Ziggurat of the Twelve
Reputation: highly respected among all academies for her early work on Draconic ruins all over Khovaire, especially in Q’bara and the Talenta Plains recently she is know for her breakthrough work on artifacts brought in fron Xen’drik; well-known among the dragonmarked Housed, especially for her being a living matriarch of an amazing line of d’Cannith women (although some say her line is cursed, see History); known among the Twelve as the Old Pickax (she actually likes this name)
Network: the Twelve, dragonmarked scions, academics, politicians, explorers and treasure hunters
Appearance: thin, petite, always keeps her hair covered in a wrap, shall or hat (it is actually luminescent and moves as if caressed by an unworldly wind), apparently frail-looking but tough as nails and burning with an intense internal energy (tells everyone she is in her 80s but in fact she is 102 years old)
Behavior: strict, intelligent and judgmental, has no time for trivial matters or people
Mannerism: treats everyone either as a subordinate or student, even her own family
Quirk: either wears flowing Romanesque gowns more fit for a woman 60 years younger, or explorers clothes, ready for the field (she hasn’t been out in the field for 20 years)


  • Daughter: followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a famous archaeologist, and was one of the first to explore and category some of the deeper jungle ruins of Xen’drik, she became a primary expert on the Age of Giants and the history of the Elves; she went missing over 50 years ago on a mission into the heart of the Xen’drik jungles
  • Grand-daughter: a true visionary of artifice; she focused on an obscure and ancient science based around arcane geometry and geomancy deduced from the lore rescues from the Cul’sir Giant ruins on Xen’drik; worked with adapting creation patterns (and their component schemas) into modern arcane breakthroughs, such as the process of mass-production used in Arcane Forges; she is known for the modern day and highly functional, Surian Forge (full name: Surian Mark XII Arcane Forge); she died in accident involving the Mark XIII Arcane Forge some 15 years ago
  • Great-grand-daughter: worked with Stannin d’Cannith (last patriarch of House Cannith) on the Creation Forges (warforged) during the last portion of the Last War, she was lost during the catastrophe of Cyre (Mournland)
  • Great-great-grand-son: Bigubu Beaze

Professor Matilda Maroe d'Cannith

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