Quest 01

Title: Extraction – Prof. Wyr (DAAR)
Assigning Code: Assignment #BB-001
Organization: The Twelve (Ziggurat of the Twelve), Department of Archaeology and Artifact Requisition (DAAR)
Patron/Contact: Dean of DAAR, Professor Matilda Maroe d’Cannith

  1. Locate Professor Duorum Wyr in Q’barra; dig site Q-998-WYR053 (see: seeking map)
  2. Deliver sealed missive from DAAR
  3. Return with said expert to DAAR

Assignment Deadline:
Funds: 200 GP and 3 Vadalis horse tokens

  • minor picaptura of artifact-shard
    • provides an illusionary 3-D representation of its like upon a foil of bluish metal (electrum)
  • voiding case holding the minor picaptura
    • scrolltube that dampens magical flows in or out of the compartment (DC 30 to detect magic)
  • seeking map with dig site locked-in
    • painted upon a piece of composite material (pressed feathers of eagles, 18" long by 12" wide) is a artistic rendition of the continent of Khovaire (accurate but stylized), including all major landmarks and population centers (town or bigger), it is current as of 998 YK (including border changes, Mournland)
    • a red-dot appears pulsating on the map, indicating the site that the seeking map is locked on
      • DC 10 Arcana: zoom in on the map, maximum 5X resolution
      • DC 15 Arcana: the map attunes to the current location, showing a green pulsating dot for 1 minute
      • DC 20 Arcana: the map blanks out showing nothing but the bare material its made from, another check can make the map reappear
      • a Lvl 2 Ritual (Seeking Map Link): may be used to attune the map to a place using a markstone (+10 DC to Arcana check for ritual casting, acts as focus, no component cost, the stone is either the link or is destroyed to link it to the spot where it was destroyed) or the link can be cast using divination/far-sight (DC depends on distance, component cost changes with distance)
  • explorers logbook, one of a pair, other with Prof. Monroe (acts as a 2-way written communique, 20 words/day, specifically 100 characters)
    • hand-sized, bound in a thick red-hued leather bears the insignia of the Twelve centered on the front cover, and a smaller insignia of the DAAR in the upper left hand corner, the pages are shiny and may only be written on with an attuned stylus (found in the spine of the book), 25 thick double-sided pages (3 slots/page, 150 messages can be sent)
    • a pair (or more) of books are bound together able to provide 2-way communique without restrictions of time or distance
      • DC 5 Arcana: send message
      • DC 10 Arcana: erase slot (100 char) or page
      • DC 15 Arcana: encrypt the message to a specific reader (requires 10gp components)
      • DC 20 Arcana: send 1 additional message/day, requires 1 healing surge (can only be done once)


  1. 1 Level 3 magic item
  2. 1 Level 5 magic item


  • assignment developed when Bigubu Beaze d’Cannith brought the artifact-shard (item slug) obtained from Hal Davenport to Professor Matilda Maroe d’Cannith for examination/opinion
    • Prof. Maroe recognized the shard as being extremely old and connected to old-magicks
  • current artifact-shard intelligence:
    • physical contact with the artifact causes nausea and auditory hallucinations/phenomena
    • residual magical energies, no direct source, unable to classify energy types
    • preliminary research of the partial glyph: related to arcanic script, language is not Draconic (Prof. Monroe surmises the language predates Draconic)
    • first researcher (graduate) tasked with making a arcane replica (energy/physical duplication) of said artifact sunk into a state of befuddlement, babbling incoherently (Jorasco healers have been brought in to deal with him); making ritual (arcane replica) failed
    • minor picaptura of artifact-shard was able to be generated (note: a 3-member ritual ring was required to perform the ritual of making due to residual wave of energy emanating from the space around the artifact, all members suffered serious migraines at the completion of the ritual)
    • research is ongoing, however Prof. Monroe believes progress will be minimal until Prof. Wyr makes a specialized analysis of the shard

Intelligence: (PC)

  • artifact-shard originally belonged to Hal Davenport
    • Ruby Fangs, delivery, Sharn, marked Hal (needs sketching out)

Quest 01

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