Ziggurat of the Twelve

Transport Type Cost Details Route Details
Public air gondola1 1sp (return) free with pass Go: 5 stops – Wollvern Park Ret: 2 stops – main landings
Restricted teleportation circle2 n/a Twelve-personnel only Ent: 4 main circles – Wollvern Park3,4 Ext: Inner Courtyard, lobbies or Towers4

1 : long, open-air with canopy, 1+14 seater “buses”

2 : circles operate with by two-key security (a physical keystone and a arcane keyword)

3 : near the Gorgon’s Garden – many life-like statues, actually magical security feature)

4 : other private circles exist in Korth (or other places in Khovaire) among house enclaves, main cities and other clandestine areas



  • 13-tiered floating keep/citadel
    • there are 13 Tiers, each representing a dragonmark house; (mirrors the moons and “perfect” number of marks)


  • Heart of Ziggurat: is a negative-mirror-image/dimension of the exterior shape, measuring exactly the same size, but is an empty space, an open-aired heart of the building
    • spacious and magnificent, the central heart of the Ziggurat is a immense open space (like a hollowed out twin of the ziggurat proper, rising to the top of the Twelve) filled with arcing verandas, balconies, landings and floating islands, which contain such amenities as forums, gardens, study spaces, cafes and meeting centers
  • Towers: 12 massive, tier-spanning towers are spread in a radiating pattern, equidistantly like spokes on a wheel from the heart of the ziggurat
    • the Towers span the full 13 tiers and are the established Inner Enclaves of each dragonmarked house (however, since the end of the Last War some towers have become divided)
    • each Tower is 1/13 the the size of the Heart of the Ziggurat
  • Regions: located between the spoke-like Towers, beyond the Heart, are the inter-house and neutral areas of the Twelve facilities of the Ziggurat, consisting of an area twice that of the Heart;
    • Inner Region: this zone that rings the perimeter of the Heart holds the main facilities of the Ziggurat, including inter-house areas, departments, main research centers, libraries, labs and workshops, lecture halls,
      • consists of an area twice the size of the ziggurat proper
    • Outer Region: beyond the inner ring
      • consists of an area four to five times the size of the ziggurat proper
      • Expanding Premises: expands into extra-dimensional space, living building, self replicating/changing
  • Heart of Knowledge: (aka.Library of the Twelve) at the center of the Heart is a access to the library


  • pre-Last War: over 15,000
  • Current: 3,500+
Interesting Areas

Department of Archaeology and Artifact Requisition:

  • Cannith Tower is separated into 3 sections: East, West and South
  • Phiarlan Tower has been split to incorporate Thuranni
Interesting People
  • Uru Bothain: half-elf, Ziggurat lesser administrator (guide) who took the PCs on a private tour of the The Twelve’s public face
  • Timtom Aleuth: air gondola driver; old and squat, looking to have some fey-blood/a retired magewright; knows Bigubu, has taken the trio (Bigubu, Oscolo and Hal) for a flying tour of the Ziggurat and its aerial splendor (gardens upon the tiers, flying creatures)
PC Points
  • Oscolo takes interest in the Phiarlan Tower, chats up the dancer/receptionist
    • finds out his grandfather is pitied/feared by the house
    • his father was a well-known illusionist
    • his paternal grandfather holds a high-level position in the house
    • his paternal uncle works at the Twelve, currently he is away in the Lhazaar Principalities
    • DM/Player: give some back story here

Ziggurat of the Twelve

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